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Jaroslav Matuška
goldsmith and jeweller

Jaroslav Matuška - zlatník a klenotník

It all began shortly after I finished secondary school, when my father introduced me a jewellery company in Brno that no longer exists – Klenoty Valoušek. I didn’t know anything about making jewellery at the time, but I had skilled hands and wanted to learn new things. Before long, I had a desire to try everything, the audacity to agree to everything, and only then did I search for a way to do it.
After a few years, I got the opportunity to study jewellery making at the Vocational School of Arts and Crafts Production in Prague.
Prague never ceased to attract me. The mass production that I had been previously involved in until then no longer interested me so, I decided to move to Prague permanently. Soon after, I started my career producing original custom-made jewellery at the Ateliér Moon Studio in Holešovice.

Hello. Feel free to read a little more about my story and take a look at some of the jewellery I made during that time.  If you are interested in my work, please send an email to the address provided below.

However, for the most interesting experiences, after two years of working at Atelier Moon, I flew to the other side of the globe.

I designed the “Spider” brooch at Curtis Jewellers Ltd. in Christchurch, New Zealand. At Curtis Jewellers Ltd., which has a 150-year long history in the profession, I was given the opportunity not only to make jewellery, but also to repair luxury jewellery made primarily from 18 karat gold and platinum, and adorned with various precious stones. However, after 11 September 2001 and the resulting decline in tourism, sales decreased, and my journey continued further south to the city of Dunedin.

Brož - Pavouk  18K zlato, platina, barokní černá perla z Tahiti, diamanty   Design a výroba JM v Curtis Jewellers
Brož Napůl se smějící a napůl se mračící elf   18K zlato a zelený smalt   Design a smalt: Anthony Williams Zlatnická práce: Jaroslav Matuška

“Spider” brooch
18K gold, platinum, black baroque pearl from Tahiti, diamonds 
Designed and manufactured by JM

at Curtis Jewellers

It was once the largest city in New Zealand. Thanks to its geographical location, you can experience the four seasons in a single day.  Today, the city is home to about 130,000 inhabitants with a large student contingent. As a result, the town feels considerably different throughout the school year and during the holidays.
Enamel, which is made by fusing powdered glass to the surface of a piece of jewellery, is a speciality of Tony Williams, with whom I had the good fortune to work with in Dunedin for two years. The biggest challenge for me was to get inside Tony’s aquarelle designs and create their shape with metal. A significant part of the jewellery I made there was intended for enamelling, which places added demands on a jeweller’s work. 

“Half Smiling, Half Frowning Leprechaun”
18K gold and green enamel 
Design and enamel: Tony Williams
Jewellery work: Jaroslav Matuška

Tony’s workshop was an incredible place to work, and yet I was drawn back to Christchurch. It was there that my dream of establishing my own jeweller’s workshop finally came true. The wedding rings shown with a star sapphire and a diamond come from this time. It was one of my most interesting jobs, especially considering that the customer was in the USA, I was in New Zealand, and, during the design process, a suitable star sapphire was still waiting somewhere in Thailand.

Brož - Cameleon  Platina, 18K zlato,barokní mořská perla a zelený smalt  Design a smalt: Anthony Williams  Zlatnická práce: Jaroslav Matuška

“Chameleon” brooch
Platinum, 18K gold, baroque saltwater pearl and green enamel
Design and enamel: Anthony Williams
Jewellery work: Jaroslav Matuška

Snubní prsteny s přírodním motivem Platina, 18K bílé a žluté zlato   Asterický safír a diamant  Design a výroba: Jaroslav Matuška

Wedding rings with a natural motif
Platinum, 18K white and yellow gold 

Asterisk sapphire and diamond

Design and production: Jaroslav Matuška

Thanks to our good relationship, my cooperation with Tony continued. One of our joint creations was a brooch made in the shape of a chameleon.
The price of pearls, just like with any other precious stone, is determined by their quality. The most sought-after are perfectly spherical pearls.  But these are Baroque pearls, which I enjoy working with the most. I probably don’t need to say why. It’s as if you were looking up into the clouds and seeing fantastic shapes. That’s my description of baroque pearls – except they are easier to work with than clouds, of course. 

The Blue Pearl Gallery in Christchurch was the last place I worked before leaving New Zealand Here, my task was mainly to use my imagination and to create pieces that would be talked about. My work there was sadly cut short following the earthquake in February 2011, which left the centre of Christchurch utterly devastated, forcing the Blue Pearl Gallery to move elsewhere. Shortly after, I too left Christchurch and moved back to the Czech Republic with my family.
We travelled to New Zealand once again in 2018. In the meantime, Blue Pearl Gallery founded a new home on the Banks Peninsula in the small town of Akaroa, which is situated in an enormous ancient, flooded volcano. It was there that I continued my work for the Blue Pearl Gallery. Due to cruise ships bringing tourists to Akaroa from abroad, part of my work dealt with customers from all over the world. I have very fond memories of my time there. This is partly due to the shop being located on an old wooden pier, where stingrays swam under the windows and, sometimes, even killer whales appeared. 

2x Brož - Smějící se včela Platina, 18K žluté zlato, Barokní perly  Design a výroba: Jaroslav Matuška v Blue Pearl Gallery

2 “Smiling Bee” brooches
Platinum, 18K yellow gold, baroque pearls
Design and manufacturing:
Jaroslav Matuška at the Blue Pearl Gallery

Snubní prsteny - Lípový květ  14k žluté zlato, diamanty  Design a výroba: Jaroslav Matuška

“Linden Leaf” wedding rings
14K yellow gold, diamonds
Design and manufacturing:
Jaroslav Matuška

Between stays in New Zealand, I opened a custom production shop in Rýmařov, the gateway to Jeseník Mountains. The shop was conceived in a similar style to the Blue Pearl Gallery, but without the stingrays swimming beneath the windows. Part of the room was occupied by a large jeweller’s table, so I could chat with customers who watched me work. 

V současnosti nejsem schopen přijímat zakázky z důvodu přerušení činnosti nejméně do konce roku 2024. Pro případnou konzultaci mne můžete kontaktovat e-mailem na adrese:

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