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How does it work?

Your jewellery is just a few steps away. Call +420 776 526 045 to find out or read bellow.

Step 1: Let’s have a chat
Send me a message or call me and tell me as much as possible about your idea. Is the jewellery for your partner, or are we going to make engagement rings for you both? If possible, it would be great if both of you could come to see me or chat over the phone. I’ll ask a few questions, so that we have a basis to start from. If you’ve already got something in mind, that’s great.
If you’re not sure, have a look at what people are wearing and figure out what style appeals to you. We’ll fine-tune the details during the creation process. At this stage, we should also decide on what material the jewellery is going to be made from. The material affects the appearance and other properties of the jewellery, and also its price. If you have an idea of the price, now would also be a good time to share it.

Step 2: Before I start drawing
Every design and the communication that comes with it takes a number of hours. If you’re convinced that you’ve come to the right place and you’re sure that I’m the right person to design and manufacture your jewellery, I ask that you pay a deposit for the design. The deposit is CZK 2,000. Afterwards, if you definitively decide to have the jewellery made, the deposit will be subtracted from the final price.

Step 3: From the first draft to the final design
Usually there’s only one design, but there can be more. I’ll send the design to you by email. Comments of any kind are welcome. The idea is to get feedback to make sure that we’re on the same page and that we’re moving in the right direction. The we’ll communicate by email or speak over the phone, and I’ll send you other modified drawings until we finalise the design together.

The arrangement of stones in the woman’s ring was replaced with spherical surfaces in the man’s ring. 

In the final design, only the woman’s ring features a stone. At the customer’s request, the rings combine glossy and matte surfaces. Matte surfaces will be tapped with a tool with a polished spherical surface.

A design of wedding rings made of white and red gold with diamonds

The customer wanted the rings to complement each other and be roughly matted

Because I put a little bit of myself into every piece of jewellery, I often add various details during the design process. But it’s up to you whether you want to keep them or not. If it’s possible to alter something later, I’ll let you know. 

Some details are not modified until the manufacturing phase. We have a saying that goes: “You can put anything you like on paper”. 

During production, things that make the design worth altering often come to light. 

Step 4: Before starting production
Before production starts on any order, we need to clarify the price and discuss anything unknown, just to make sure that there are no surprises. For this purpose, we need to find out the size of the jewellery.
When making rings, we use, what are called, ring sizers. We can use them when you come to visit, or I can send you plastic sizers. If necessary, the circumference of the finger can be measured with a strip of paper. The final step, before creating your jewellery, is to pay a deposit for the materials that is equal to half of the total sum.


Step 5: Making your jewellery
In most cases, your jewellery is made using traditional goldsmith’s technologies and usually takes 2–3 weeks. The jewellery comes in a handmade box made of high-quality veneered plywood. The interior is made of leather or imitation leather.

Step 6: Handover
Once the jewellery is finished, you will receive a photo and information about the weight and final price. This will correspond to the agreed amount or may differ if this possibility was specified in the quotation. A price difference may be caused by a difference between the actual and expected weight of the jewellery. 

Wedding rings made of white and red 14K gold with a diamond

Design and manufacturing:
Jaroslav Matuška

The original rings come in a luxurious handmade box.

Step 7 (optional): Feedback
If you enjoyed working with me and are happy with your jewellery, please send me a few sentences of feedback. With your permission, I would like to share your feedback on my website.

“To begin with, we only had a vague idea of what the rings should look like. We wanted them to be made of white and pink gold and to complement each other. However, we didn’t want a typical smooth polished surface. A few days after the first meeting, where we shared these requirements, and received a design which caught our attention straight away. All that remained was to fine-tune a few details. After every further request, we got a new visualisation, so we could assess how the rings were going to look. At the next meeting, we saw the rings before completion, and there we decided on the final surface finish, which was achieved by tapping with a tool with a polished spherical surface. We were able to compare different sizes and roughnesses of the forged surfaces on samples prepared for this purpose, which helped us a lot in this decision. We highly appreciate the imaginative design, which met our requirements perfectly, as well as the care and willingness with which Slávek explained all the possibilities and techniques he can use in ring production. We can sincerely recommend his services. 
Daniela and Jirka”

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