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Reconstruction of jewelry

You wear them on your hands every day. They get bigger or smaller here and there, and sometimes some repair needs to be done. For many years it has been beautifying you and creating comments from your friends and acquaintances. But one day you will have an epiphany. They are already worn, the style is outdated and your daughter gave you a telling look when you asked if she wanted them. But they still have huge sentimental value for you. You remember with everyone how he came to you and everything about it. After all, you can't just shove it in a drawer. What now?


Precious stones often survive decades unscathed. Especially diamonds, sapphires or rubies can still look like new after several decades of daily wear. Likewise, some other stones are hard and durable enough to survive unharmed. So they could possibly be used.


In addition, a considerable financial value is usually preserved in the jewelry material. A common question I hear is whether the jewelry could be melted down and made into something again. Unfortunately, my answer is negative in most cases. The remelted material (mostly 14-karat gold here) contains a significant amount of common metals and their oxides. After construction, the material often cracks, poorly connects and polishes. Moreover, our legislation is not in favor of it either.

A new design using the original stones may therefore be a suitable option. Financially, the entire project or part of it can be covered by the purchase of so-called fractional gold.

The actual design process is the same as when designing a new piece of jewelry. Only existing stones are used. You can let your imagination run wild with your own jewelry style. 

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