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Wedding rings 

•    Are you planning on choosing your rings together?
•    Are you interested in identical rings, or do you want each ring to look different?
•    Are you looking for a work of art to admire for rest of your lives and that will also unite you?

Zlaté snubní prsteny s diamanty s motivem vinná réva, design a výroba Jaroslav Matuška

Don’t try to find “the one” from a bunch of photos. Search for style. We’ll fine-tune the details together.

​It can be said that very few original, handmade rings are produced today, even though the terms “original” and “handmade” appear very often in advertisements.

If you’re looking for something that is just for you and about you, have your wedding rings designed according to your ideas.

“Grape Vine” wedding rings
14K yellow gold and diamonds 
Design and manufacturing: Jaroslav Matuška

What connects you? 
They say that there is beauty in simplicity. If you see it that way too, we can simplify your ideas and express what your rings symbolise, using a few curves. Only you will know what the decorations on the rings represent.

Wedding rings with fingerprint engravings
Lady’s ring 18K and gentleman’s ring 9K white gold 
Design and manufacturing: Jaroslav Matuška (NZ)

“Ayahuasca” wedding rings
14K white and red gold

Design and manufacturing:
Jaroslav Matuška

It is nice to own an original piece of jewellery that attracts attention. With wedding rings, however, it is also important for the design to match your lifestyle. It is absolutely fine if you want simply designed rings that are nice to wear.
Even so, they can be created by hand and selected after discussing the design with the person who is going to make them for you. After all, this is all part of the experience. 

If you choose me to design and make your rings, please see the image below. It shows a simplified version of the process that went into the order pictured. 

Pictured order:
Wedding rings with a natural motif
Platinum, 18K white and yellow gold, star sapphire and diamond
Design and manufacturing: Jaroslav Matuška

You can find a detailed version of how we will proceed when creating your rings here

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